MicroJib XL
MicroJib XL
MicroJib XL

MicroJib XL

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Pan + Tilt + Extend to 5 feet!

Extend your GoPro to 5 feet while taking advantage of the MicroJib’s 360° Pan and Tilt functionality. MicroJib XL is the best way to take your filming to new heights.

Whats in the Box.
✓ MicroJib XL ✓ Wrist Strap ✓ ThumbScrew
90 Day Warranty.
If any problems arise with your MicroJib, we'll replace it!
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Pan 360˚
It's like having a silky smooth fluid tripod head at the end of the best GoPro pole you've ever used. Switch between yourself and surroundings with a flick of the wrist and always be ready to capture your adventures from any perspective.
Tilt 360˚
The tilt feature allows for endless unique angles and perspectives. Capture footage without the pole obstructing your shot and quickly adjust your camera on the fly to get the perfect POV. The tilt feature can additionally be used to switch between yourself and surroundings as well as get amazing cinematic crane shots.
Want to Mount your Smartphone?
Get the MicroJib XL + GoWorx FreeRide combo!
MicroJib XL for Smartphone

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